Transformation Planet Episode 17 Bryan Ganey

May 7, 2018

Bryan Ganey's transformation story contains two dramatic weight loss experiences. After losing two hundred fifty pounds in his twenties, he was set, or so he thought. After gaining it all back in less than a year, Bryan realized his plan was lacking a critical part. In this episode, he shares how this initial weight loss and regain experience became important information for his transformation to come over a decade later. His book "Impossible: How I Lost Nearly 400 Pounds Without Surgery" chronicles his transformation from nearly six hundred pounds to a healthy body weight and into maintenance. Bryan is a motivation speaker and best selling author. He's been featured on Rachael Ray, CNN, AOL, and The Dave Ramsey Show. Find out more at  


Transformation Planet Episode 16 Dr. Joan Ifland

January 1, 2018

Dr. Joan Ifland has dedicated over two decades of her life to food addiction research. In this episode, she discusses how processed food addiction starts, how and why it affects people differently, and how the research has proven, without question, the validity of its powerful grip on millions of people around the world. She's the founder of,, and  Dr. Ifland is the author of Sugars and Flours: How They Make Us Crazy, Sick and Fat, and What To Do About It and she's the co-author and co-editor of the comprehensive text-book, Processed Food Addiction: Foundations, Assessment, and Recovery published by CRC Press


Transformation Planet Episode 15 Heather Robertson

June 11, 2017

Heather Robertson is the co-founder of the Half Size Me community and host of the popular podcast, Half Size Me. In this episode, Heather takes us back through her story and history of losing and gaining weight. Heather also talks about her experience and recovery with binge eating disorder. Her story took her to over 300 pounds at her heaviest before she started making shifts in her perspective and actions. She shares critical elements that changed everything for her. Heather takes a hands on approach in the Half Size Me community, where she offers support, member exclusive podcast episodes of Half Size Me, and even one on one coaching services--she's also the author of The Art of Weight Maintenance available wherever books are sold! Find out more at  


Transformation Planet Episode 14 Michael Prager

March 15, 2017

Michael Prager lost and regained the same 130 pounds, twice, before finding another way and ultimately losing 155 pounds. The perspective he's embraced for sustainable weight loss isn't all about weight. And it isn't even about dieting. Michael says the weight was A problem, but it wasn't THE problem. His was an approach challenging him to release what he thought he knew and to stop trying to figure it all out on his own. Michael is the author of two books, Fat Boy Thin Man and Sustainable You. He's also a certified health and wellness life coach and experienced public speaker. Find out more at Also, we'll have a short update with my friend Nathaniel. 


Transformation Planet Episode 13 Jordan Burgess

March 8, 2017

Jordan Burgess was navigating life at 537 pounds until it became too much, for him, and too much for his family. After years of struggle, and just in time, Jordan has found and embraced perspectives bringing him consistent positive progress one day at a time. He's currently lost well over 200 pounds. In this episode, Jordan will share his remarkable story. It's a story full of hope and inspiration. We'll also check in with Nathaniel.


Transformation Planet Episode 12 Social Transformation

February 28, 2017

When we talk about transformation it's often about the physical--the difference you see. But what about the differences you can only feel? In this episode we'll get an update from Nathaniel--then, I'll take you on location to an event where I was the emcee--a social event, where we'll talk about the mental and emotional transformations that often happen with dramatic weight loss.


Transformation Planet Episode 11 Joy Bauer

February 20, 2017

Joy Bauer is one of America's leading health and nutrition experts. She's a regular on NBC's Today Show, founder of The Joy Fit Club, and the author of twelve New York Times Best-selling books, including her latest, From Junk Food To Joy Food. In this episode, Joy shares her experience, practical advice, and she reveals the things Joy Fit Club inductees always seem to have in common. Also, we get an update from Nathaniel, who's at the very beginning of his own transformation from 671 pounds.


Transformation Planet Episode 10 Meet Nathaniel

February 13, 2017

Nathaniel is embarking on his own transformation from 671 pounds and taking us along every step of the way. In this episode, you'll meet Nathaniel, and in future episodes you'll hear short updates before each featured interview. Nathaniel's story is remarkable in many ways. I'm looking forward to working with him and I'm excited about getting to know him better along the way. Nathaniel is putting it all out there, right here on Transformation Planet. 


Transformation Planet Episode 9 Winifred Morice

February 6, 2017

Winifred Morice's career in the world of nutrition can be traced back to her upbringing on a completely sustainable homestead in New Zealand. Her nutritional expertise helped shape Weight Watchers and eventually led to working with Richard Simmons, first on a cookbook, then on the development of the wildly successful Deal-A-Meal. Along the way, she hosted her own TV cooking show, and worked alongside Dinah Shore, Suzanne Somers and many others. Her no-nonsense, simplistic nutritional philosophy is something she communicates in easy to understand terms. In this episode of Transformation Planet, Winifred shares the details of her fascinating career, life, and takes some time to offer her best advice to anyone preparing their personal food plan.  


Transformation Planet Episode 8 Hope Church

January 15, 2017

Hope Williams Church shares how she made it to almost 300 pounds, tried to lose weight in different ways, many times, plus how and why this time was different. She's lost over 150 pounds. Now, in maintenance mode, her plan requires extraordinary care each and every day--and it's a plan she loves! She's a proud member of the Today Show's JoyFit Club. Stay up to date with Hope when you follow her Facebook blog Healthy Happy Hope.