Transformation Planet Episode 4 Dennis Adams

October 13, 2016

Dennis Adams is a survivor in every sense of the word. He was diagnosed with breast cancer, something he didn't even realize was possible for a man, until it became part of his story. He's cancer free today. In this episode, he'll take us to his highest weight of 501 pounds and share what inspired him to make a change once and for all. He's maintaining a 330 pound weight loss and he's doing it on the road, where he works as an over the road truck driver. 


Transformation Planet Episode 3 Pam Holmes

October 5, 2016

Pam Holmes will never forget the moment she decided "enough was enough." In this episode, Pam shares her powerful story. It's a 178 pound weight loss that started at the age of 59, and it's so much more. She'll discuss her own relapse/regain experiences, what she does to maintain her weight loss and most importantly, Pam shares a beautiful perspective that endures through the most emotionally challenging time of her life.


Transformation Planet Episode 2 Kathleen Miles

September 27, 2016

Kathleen Miles has a fascinating story. In this episodes, she takes us along through her experience in working with Richard Simmons in promotion of his products and then the devastating life events that turned things in a very dark direction. Her weight climbed and combined with her isolation, created a circumstance few survive. Not only has she survived, she's thriving. She's losing weight consistently, recently became a certified life coach and writes about it all on her blog at Kathleen Miles is alive and well and on Transformation Planet!


Transformation Planet Episode 1 Gerri Helms

September 19, 2016

This first episode of Transformation Planet features Life Coach Gerri Helms. She's an international speaker, life coach and the author of Trust God & Buy Broccoli. Gerri lost in excess of one hundred pounds twenty-three years ago and to this day, takes extraordinary care of herself. A little later in the episode, we go on location to a Mexican restaurant for some dining out strategies.