Transformation Planet Episode 6 Michael Bartley

November 5, 2016

Michael Bartley's story doesn't take the familiar route. Michael wasn't overweight as a child, a teen or as a young man. He was a record setting swimmer, a wrestler and a long distance runner before a catastrophic injury landed him in the hospital for more than four months. His athletic career ended abruptly, but his identity as an athlete remained and so did his daily caloric level. The same eating pattern that once fueled his athletic performance became a recipe for rapid weight gain. Finally acknowledging and coming to terms with his new reality set him on a path for a dramatic 320 pound weight loss transformation. His story includes a divorce, depression, a life-changing trip to Belize, monkeys flinging feces on his head, legendary film director Francis Ford Coppola and more--all on this episode of Transformation Planet!


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